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Your Mental Health Today, Why You Should Be Utilizing This Tool as a Therapist

Your Mental Health Today, for a better tomorrow!

By: Melissa Tijerino

Your Mental Health Today

We are so excited to announce we have officially launched our new Directory called, Your Mental Health Today!

Have you been having trouble finding more clients? Or maybe you’ve been looking for a better way to showcase your Private Practice more in depth? You can also create an additional source of income by utilizing Your Mental Health Today and offer workshops, workbooks, mental health membership programs, ebooks and so much more.

Listen, if you provide Mental Health Services, you NEED to be utilizing Your Mental Health Today to promote them! There’s never been a better time than NOW!

Read until the end of this blog post for a special offer when you sign up for Your Mental Health Today! .. trust me it’s an offer of a lifetime, you won’t want to miss out on it!

Let’s Explain More!

Your Mental Health Today is a directory designed specifically with Therapists in mind, it’s a platform where you can find Mental Health Tools. Not only will potential clients be able to find these tools easily and effortlessly but it will help their mental health grow in the right direction, a win-win!

You can offer free tools to promote your practice or paid tools to create an additional source of income.

As we know, we all learn differently. So having access to these virtual tools in one place is strategic to help your clients along their mental health journey!

Our Mission

At Your Mental Health Today our mission is simple! Our goal is to provide the simplest way to access virtual mental health tools to help assist your clients with their mental health journey, this includes no annoying and pointless spam emails to your clients convincing them what the right tool is for them.

We take pride in giving you the option to provide educational blogs as well as other mental health tools from licensed and certified professionals such as yourself!

How It Works

You can sign up for the Directory as Provider or a Member looking for Mental Health Tools! We have a variety of subscription options that you are able to choose from, Here’s how it works:


  • Insider Subscription (Free) - Sign up for Your Mental Health Today as an Exclusive Insider and take advantage of all the directory has to offer. Virtual Mental Health Tools and Verified provider profiles at your fingertips. This membership is for subscribers looking for your mental health tools.


Silver Provider Plan - Join the directory with the starter plan to utilize just some of these premium features in limited capacity:

The starter plan is most enjoyed by our Members/Subscribers! Promote one of your mental health tools you have to offer. This is a great way to get started with the directory for FREE! If you have multiple tools to offer you may want to move up to the Gold Plan

Gold Provider Plan - This plan is our more cost effective option, utilized by our Certified Healthcare Professionals! Promote up to 3 of your mental health tools you have to offer. This is an amazing way to get your name and offers out there at an affordable marketing price. To take even more advantage of the Directory, check out the Platinum plan that allows you to list an unlimited amount of mental health tools.

Platinum Provider Plan - The pro plan is our Premium Plan, unlocking tons of features for our Certified Healthcare Professionals! With an unlimited amount of Mental Health Tools to offer you are sure to get your name out there, promote yourself and all the mental health tools you have to offer!

"Please be advised your account will be placed on a 24 hour hold while our team verifies your credentials, the card on file will not be charged the membership fee until your 1 year anniversary with Your Mental Health Today. Once your credentials have been verified you will receive a welcome email. We appreciate your patience. If you have an questions please contact our customer support"

About The Owner

Leta Guzman is the owner of Stress-Free Private Practice Management and Growing Your Private Practice Virtually Consulting. Leta and her dedicated team work alongside mental health private practices' assisting them with the daily tasks that allow them to operate at their full potential. Leta has her own mental health journey, with the help of a therapist and many mental health tools.

She decided that there was a need that was not being met and wanted to create a solution for that need. That is when the idea of Your Mental Health Today Directory was conceived. One place to search for all of the virtual mental health tools needed to continue a successful wellness journey. Knowing that this directory will make a difference in many people's lives that are currently navigating through their mental health journey, Leta is proud of the efforts put in by her team to make this vision come to life.

Sign Up Today!

We’d love to have you a part of our new directory! As a Licensed Provider, you can connect and grow with other members on the Directory!

As a Member, finding therapists and content focused on Mental Wellness is a breeze by searching our top-rated network!

Once you sign up, you’ll want to choose The Platinum Provider Plan, this is FREE for the first year using the coupon code: 1YEAROFF

We hope to see you there!

Disclaimer - If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, PLEASE CALL 911 OR GO TO THE NEAREST EMERGENCY ROOM

National Suicide Prevention LifeLine: 800-273-8255

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