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Are you a practice owner that struggles with the organization and management side of the business? Do you struggle to produce procedure manuals that outline clear task instructions? Do you feel overwhelmed with managing your practice altogether?

Most practice owners move into the private practice role with no prior business management experience. This can cause your private practice dreams to fade or fail. It can also lead to burn out.

When you truly understand how to effectively manage your practice you will start to see your practice grow like never before. You will also feel in control of your practice and really enjoy being a practice owner.

Knowing what to start with and where to start can be an overwhelming task. That is why we created The Practice Management Solutions program. This program will help you understand how to effectively run and manage a practice. It will provide all of the tools needed to take control of your practice. It will allow you to feel confident about your practice management skills. You will gain the skills needed to manage your practice effortlessly. 

This program will include the following:


We are passionate about mental health! We know that together we can take on the fight against mental illness.  

If you think this program will benefit your practice sign up for a free 30 minute call. 

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What people are saying about the program!

B. Anderson

I couldn't figure out why my practice was so hard to manage. I tried many programs before but this program really helped me understand the procedures that need to be established within my practice. What a game changer.

A. Santiago

Wow. The knowledge that Leta and Blair pass on in this program really opened my eyes to how easy it can be to manage my practice. I can't wait to apply what I have learned so far.

S. Hendricks

When I started  my practice I knew I needed more guidance on managing my practice but I wasn't ready for the investment. Now that I made the investment I can honestly say I should have done it sooner. I am  moving into group practice and I know I can easily manage it now!

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