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How to avoid failure in Private Practice

Many therapists are called to therapy. Often they have a personal experience that changes their life and choose the profession of healing and helping others. Most therapists don't imagine having a business. In fact, there are two completely different mindsets when it comes to being a therapist and a business owner. Therapy and business can create a split. For example, therapists are highly personal, they want to help. Business owners on the other hand can get a reputation for being greedy, not very personal, and having a hard exterior. Ever heard of the saying "It's nothing personal, it's business"? As you see this split can cause internal conflict with your mindset as a practice owner. Let's go over some of the other components that can lead a private practice down the road of failure and how to avoid failure.

They lack some key psychological and emotional qualities that help business owners succeed in business - If you are not equipped with the key psychological and emotional qualities needed to be a successful business owner you will not be able to bring in consistent clients, achieve your financial goals or set good practice procedures. You will need to focus on the soft skills of psychology and personality shifting who you need to be, not just what you need to do to have a successful business. Some examples of emotional qualities a business owner will need are flexibility, creativity, self-motivation, tenacity, passion, and persuasiveness.

They are therapists, not business owners- Knowing basic business concepts is not common knowledge. Creating innovative ideas to adapt to today's market is key to surviving as a business owner. Learning a series of soft and hard skills in business will empower you to grow your practice. Identify what you need to learn more about when it comes to owning a business. Creating your practice procedures can help you to establish business skills that are needed to have a successful practice. Knowing how your business is run will empower you to make great business decisions.

They lack the skill set to bring craftsmanship to their practice - Knowing the tricks of the trade is not being sneaky. It may seem that way from a therapist's point of view which is why this is something that most therapists lack in private practice. Those final and finishing touches can make a difference in whether or not a practice will be successful. Creating a clear and effective business vision can help create a clear line to incorporating craftsmanship into your practice.

Fear - Human actions are largely driven by one of two emotions. FEAR or LOVE. Creating a business with the emotions of fear will cause your practice high personal and financial costs. Decisions based on fear rarely lead to good outcomes. It can block our creative thinking and cause us to make the wrong decisions for our practice. When you shift your mindset from fear-driven to love-driven you will feel energized and able to think creatively causing the effects of an energized and profitable practice.

To avoid failing within your private practice try to learn more about being a business owner in general. Learning how to make wise business decisions can only lead to a positive outcome. Shift your mindset from fear to love when it comes to growing your practice. Try practicing business affirmations about love. Example: I can prosper and grow a strong practice by doing what I love.

If you feel like you need some additional guidance within your practice feel free to schedule a consult call.

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