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Things You NEED to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Private Practice

Which came first, the specialty or the location?

By: Melissa Tijerino

As a clinician, you have the luxury of being able to choose WHERE you want to practice! (this includes considering being 100% virtual)

Let’s first find out if you should consider an in-person office space or a virtual office space

Keep in mind the location you choose to practice will determine who you’ll be treating, it could be good, it could be bad.. This is only one of the reasons why it’s so important to really know the area in which you want to set up shop! (I mean practice) .. you get it.

Luckily, like we mentioned above, you have one great advantage: choice. Is it more beneficial to Practice in-person, or be 100% Virtual?

So how can you pick the best location for your Private Practice? OR, would you be open to being completely Virtual? Because honestly, not every location is ideal for certain businesses and industries, this includes therapists

Read more below about what to consider when choosing a location suited for your practice needs, AND the people you’ll serve.. Let’s get into it!

In-Person Office? Virtual Office?

If you haven’t noticed already, location is pretty important to consider! But you can’t just walk past any empty building or suite and say “Yup, that’s the one!” There are so many things to consider before you start ordering furniture, but what if you want to save on costs when you’re first starting out?

Location can literally make or break your business, choose wisely!

There are so many things you’ll want to consider before choosing where you want your office space, let’s first mention the benefits of having a Virtual Practice!

Virtual Office Space

Running a Virtual Practice has actually become super popular with therapists as it’s one way of cutting down on costs, plus it’s just as effective as in-person therapy!

If you haven’t noticed, the majority of your tasks can quite simply be done online these days, whether that’s ordering groceries online, paying bills, sending money or ordering tonight's dinner, your therapy sessions aren’t any different!

All you need is a smartphone, or a laptop with internet, a microphone, camera and you’re good to go!

We’ll mention below the pros of having an office space in a big city on a well-known intersection but this is only for people who prefer to have their sessions done virtually, which some of those pros down below are actually cons to them!

  • Saves time (yours & your clients)

  • Comfort!

  • Confidentiality

  • Cost-Effective

  • No Travel Restrictions! (this is huge)

Not interested in having a Virtual Private Practice? If so, You might already have a specific location in mind, so do your homework on that location!

Like we mentioned before, the location you choose to practice can literally make or break your business, here are some things to consider before you sign that lease!


We all know that one appointment we dread going to or even waking up a whole 3 hours earlier to make sure (or hope) we get a good parking spot so we don’t have to end up at the other doctor's office down the street!

This may also be true for your clients, the easier it is to find, walk to and describe your location, the better!

I suggest to find a building or office space that has a wide range of parking spaces available, this could mean your office space has its own designated parking or street parking with a reasonable walking distance

Bonus tip: Study the times there will be extra parking available, then book your clients within that time frame!

Important Amenities

This is something that may not have crossed your mind!

People (or your clients) want to go to their sessions in a nice building, this may not have been at the top of your list but having simple amenities such as an elevator, high speed internet, a coffee bar, kitchen area, PLENTY of bathrooms, and a waiting room that fits your vibes as a Private Practice owner

Identifying what amenities are most valuable to you and your clients is important, so make sure these amenities are being checked off your list when you start your search for a location!

Even if your dream space doesn’t have it all but the majority of the important amenities, SIGN, hop on it!

How Convenient is it?

Remember, you’re going to be in your office space more than your clients, so let’s make sure it’s convenient for you and fits your specific needs! Remember when we mentioned having multiple bathrooms? Yeah, this is why.

You may want an office space that’s close to home, close to the gym, your favorite coffee shop or even your favorite grocery store! Wouldn’t it be great to pick up some fruit or coffee right before your next client’s session? Yeah that’d be great!

Keep in mind, you won’t be able to please everyone. As we mentioned above, if the space has the majority of the amenities that you’re looking for, take it, and the next time you want to look into another space, keep those amenities in mind that you didn’t have at your first place, for your next space! (say that 3 times fast)

So consider the interest of all parties so you’re able to make a more informed decision

High Traffic Area?

Almost every time you schedule a new client, they’ll ask “where is your office located?” You might think to choose an office space with on the side of the city where there is the LEAST amount of car traffic for the convenience of your clients, but this isn’t always the best choice

Choosing an office location with a high amount of traffic will drive even more clients to your practice, why? Because they can quite literally see it without having to get out of their cars, they’ll keep you in mind most of the time when they get home and look up your Private Practice on Google, and viola.. A new client!

So go for that location that isn’t too far from major roads or intersections


This is probably the most important tip of them all! Remember, your services are confidential!

If you take anything from this blog post, make sure your office space is secure to the point where people won’t be able to overhear your session with your client by simply walking by or waiting in the lobby

Having an office space with long hallways and thick doors are minor details but are very much needed for your Private Practice

Tip: Purchase a noise machine and place it in your lobby so any discussions won’t be heard!

The Price

Now all these things are great to keep in mind, don’t break the bank as a new and upcoming Private Practice owner, especially if the location doesn’t meet all your needs or clients needs!

There’s nothing wrong with going with the more expensive office space in town if it checks off all the things on your list, but also don’t go with the one that is the least expensive just because it’s cheap and has less than half of your requirements, clients will notice!

Like we mentioned above, making sure your office space is convenient for you and your clients is a must, if your office space makes your clients uncomfortable, unhappy, or just gives them any type of off vibes when they come for their session, they won’t come back!

So ultimately, making the choice to spend a little extra money to have a high quality office space will only be beneficial for your business rather than trying to cut corners and save a few bucks a month!


As a Private Practice owner, it can get a bit overwhelming trying to choose the best location for your business, with all the incoming calls, emails and social media upkeep, we can help relieve the stressors of the backend work while you work on choosing and creating the office space of your dreams!

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation with me here so we can go over your goals for your Private Practice, break down what areas we can help you in and what offer is best for you!

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