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6 Attitudes of a Successful Entrepreneur

When it comes to being a therapist there is a certain energy that needs to be established just like when it comes to being an entrepreneur. Both of these energies are quite different and need to be merged together for the best success. If you are a practice owner it may be a struggle to adapt and create the mindset that is needed to be successful. However, as the saying goes entrepreneurs are born not made so if you decided to be a therapist and have your own practice it wasn't by mistake. To better help you get into the entrepreneur mindset, I have listed some of the top attitudes of successful entrepreneurs with some examples to help you along.

When Given an Obstacle They Look for an Opportunity - Every since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a business owner. It was just a feeling that I always had even when I was told I couldn't be a business owner and have a family. (Jokes on them, I am thriving in both areas) Even though I always knew I wanted to be a business owner some things did not come easy for me. When obstacles came up in the past with my business, I looked at it as a personal failure instead of looking at it as an opportunity to make a change. Not all obstacles are bad. Some challenge you, push you past your limits and force you to see things differently. Or even better the obstacle itself is protecting you. See I believe now that everything happens for a reason. Even if at the moment it feels like the worst thing ever. Before I started my business I was working my full-time job and I would assist clients on the side. It was not my main source of income. But when my childcare provider was no longer available I felt defeated. How in the world could I ever make my side job a business? I don't even have childcare now. (I was 9 months pregnant and my son had just turned 2) I thought to myself this is just the worst thing that could ever happen. I don't want my children taken care of by someone I do not know or trust. However, if that moment did not happen I would have never quit my full-time job to pursue my dreams of having a virtual assistant business specializing in the mental health field. I didn't know it then but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I started my dream business and got to spend time with my kids. I used the obstacle right in front of me to take advantage of the best opportunity ever.

When Faced with a Problem They are Both Optimistic and Pragmatic - Being a pragmatic optimist allows you to not deny the difficulties and problems but believe that there are many opportunities in life. pragmatism and optimism. Put together; this means that you’re optimistic about your future and pragmatic about what you need to do to get there. An optimistic mindset is built on a belief in your own ability to make things happen. And taking action to seek out optimism-inducing experiences. Pragmatic optimism is not “false hope,” but rather a way of thinking that allows us to move forward in life despite all the difficulties we may have. It is the ability to look past the actual situation and strategize an approach that will give you the results you desire. Looking at every situation for what it is and coming up with an approach to get past it is far more effective than looking at the problem with a closed lens. Knowing that you have the ability to face any problem and that you have the tools to deal with these challenges is key.

They Count on a lot from Themselves and Others - Many entrepreneurs have a drive that can't be explained. Good entrepreneurs have the ability to share that drive with others. In order for this to happen cohesively you need to request a standard when it comes to who is a part of your team and how they are expected to perform. You also need to have a standard on how much you give to your team and focus on how you can positively motivate them. You can only expect your team to give as much as you give them. Setting high goals for you and your practice is important. Having high standards for how you run your practice is important and can inspire others around you to reach their personal best.

They are Very Persistent - I can't even count anymore how many times I have been told no. If I would have taken the no's that I received seriously and would have never shown my persistent side I would not have so much to be grateful for now. Here is a great example of being persistent. I LOVE to watch Shark Tank. It is my all-time favorite show. As a business owner, I pick up on business mistakes, successes, and new inventive business ideas, I just love it all. I also love it more than anything when a good idea is turned down. I know, that sounds harsh but hear me out. I have never been given the easy road. I have never had all green lights or the big check to take to the bank and I am okay with that. I like the thrill of making things happen myself, of knowing what the process felt like, feeling the accomplishment in my bones. So when I see good offers turned down I go on the search for the company and follow their success almost like I have something invested in if they make it or not. One Shark Tank opportunity I love the most is Ring. Jamie Siminoff pitched his idea to the sharks and no one decided to invest in his business. Long story short he sold to Amazon and is now a billionaire. It gets better, he is also a guest shark on Shark Tank! Now he gets to invest in other businesses. However, it wasn't an easy journey for him to become a billionaire. He had to be persistent. He was told no by some of the biggest investors. That did not stop him from bringing his dream to life. He was persistent and finally got in front of the right investors that knew just how genius his product was.

They are Profit Driven and Enjoy Making Money - This one right here was hard for me to really understand. Until I read the book "You are a Bada** at Making Money" I was so confused about my money mindset. I really did think that having the mindset of profit and enjoying making money was just crazy. It almost made me feel greedy. I had to make a lot of changes to understand the view of enjoying making money. I always wanted to give my products out for a low cost because I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to make a change in their life. I started to see that when I did that I lowered the quality of my services. I even made it unfair for the people purchasing my services and products. The thing about money is when we are in the right mindset we value it. We form a relationship with it that allows us to take it seriously. It is an opportunity to create the life we are meant to live. It doesn't mean we need to be greedy. We need to be fair on all levels to the clients, to ourselves, and to our bottom line. I have always been the time a person that wants to give to everyone but doing that in business will only cause you and others harm. I now have a different view and I do still give back to as many as I can. My family donates regularly and volunteers also. Together we give back because I am able to provide the profit we need to do so.

They Operate from a Mindset of Abundance - What does it mean to operate from a mindset of abundance? Sounds good right? Someone that operates from a mindset of abundance spends their mental energy on new possibilities by being flexible and adaptable to their circumstances so that they can see opportunities where others see none. It sounds simple but I know from experience it isn't as simple as it sounds. Anytime circumstances come up and I am unsure how to approach them, I always meditate on the circumstances to see the opportunities available. Not every decision needs to be made right away. Take the time to sit down and really think about what opportunities can be had. Even if you can not find an opportunity ( I suggest if you can't, meditate again) you may at least be able to get a different perspective on the situation.

What can you improve on when it comes to the attributes above? Honestly, I would love to sit here and say I have mastered every one of these attitudes and I am a master entrepreneur. However, for me, every day is a new day to improve even more. I am constantly learning new ways to manage my business. The little steps and changes really do add up and allow you to become a more well-rounded entrepreneur. If you ever find that there is a certain area you are struggling with, reach out for guidance. Feel free to schedule a free consult call with me to learn more about how we can work together.

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