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Canva-Your Most Requested Features Have Arrived!

Your favorite graphic designing website has rolled out, yet again, with some new and exciting features! They recently did an update to their previous features, but now, they have given us even more exciting new tools to use! They listened to the feedback that was given to them and they have graced us with what has been asked of them. Read on to find out how Canva has given us more of what we have asked for.

They have included a “Color Picker”, where you can match elements within your design to the colors of the photos you are including. You have to make sure you have updated the latest version of Chrome or Microsoft Edge in order to utilize this new feature. It is also available on mobile and desktop apps.

So, how often have you thought about possibly being able to free draw while using Canva? You know, a few lines here, a few lines there. Well, Canva listened! You can now add simple sketches, draw outside of the lines and freehand sketch with the Draw App. To find this tool, just choose More from the side panel and click draw. That easy!

You can also now include lines within your design just by easily hitting the L key on your keyboard to add a line to a design. Make them dotted, dashed, thick, or thin.

They also have a neat feature that anyone in your team can utilize and use. You can coordinate what your team can see in your Content Planner. Team members can see what you're scheduling and when it's due to go live. Now you can also track your social media engagement if you are Canva Pro user. You can see what is working so you know what to use to continue engaging with social media.

Canva is one of the best graphic designing websites to use for so many different projects. There are so many templates, graphics, designs, everything you can think of, all in one place. Take advantage of what they have to offer today and use our affiliate link to sign up now and get one month of Canva Pro for free!

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