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Canva's New Visual Worksuite

Canva recently announced their new Visual Worksuite & many new updates, As if their already amazing service wasn't enough?! Well, here I am ready to rave all about it! I love to be able to pass the knowledge and resources whenever I can do so.

If you do not already have a Canva account, this is your notice, RUN!!

Don't know what Canva is? Hi, welcome to 2022 where you can be your own boss and graphic design team all in one! #Bosslife

Let me fill you in on what Canva is and then we can dig deeper into the newest updates they dropped.

What is CANVA?

Canva is a visual communication platform. You can use Canva for anything from Social Media posts to Blogs to school projects to website creation, etc... They have made their service into a one-stop shop for all your digital needs from start to finish!

Let us not forget to mention that they have made it so user-friendly, you don't need a fancy degree to create it! Just log in to your account and click, drag, and drop. It is super EASY (anyone can do it), super productive (you can get so much done) & super EFFICIENT (they have different price ranges depending on the size of your team)!

Canva is an absolute MUST-HAVE for any small business owner, no matter your field! It is an actual GO-TO for my team and me!


With Canvas's most recent updates, I’m questioning if Canva will take over the world. LOL. No, but seriously, there is no wrong that Canva can do, and the easy process it has for users to be able to design at their own pace is just unmatched!

In the days we currently live in, where everyone is venturing out into entrepreneur work (which I ADMIRE), knowing you can do just about everything a company requires digitally, and you don't have to go to school and obtain a graphic design degree, is a dream! & Canva helps make that dream a reality!

Now I bet you are asking, well what updates could Canva have made that you speak of so highly? Here goes a couple of my favorite….


If I had to choose one favorite update because I use all the features on this platform & LOVE them! But my first choice would have to be Canva WHITEBOARD, hands down! It is just what the name says, a simple plain whiteboard where you and your team get to add anything that you may be thinking of. Brainstorming has never been easier. It is your very own visual journal so to speak. You can use this in so many instances. For example, say your working on a project with your team, and everyone has their ideas, the whiteboard is a great way to collab with your team virtually & have everyone be able to access notes, graphs, images, and be able to add as they are moving along in the brainstorming process, but virtually, That's teamwork!


With Canva print, you can bring any digital project you and your team have been collaborating on to life. With the ability to print right from the same platform, working on a project has never been easier! For example, Working on a new brochure to advertise your practice? You can use Canva to create and print those. They are trying to be super inclusive with their services huh?

Consequently, if at the end of reading through that you still haven't gone over to Canva to sign up for your account, because you are too busy, find yourself or your team focusing on your patients and want someone else to take on the load. You can always reach out to my team who specializes in these products and services and we can help you get started with all your digital needs.

If you are looking to try Canva get the first month of PRO for free by clicking here!

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