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5 Offers Other Than Therapy To Include In Your Practice

Let’s go beyond just therapy!

When you received your license and worked for other practices you were taught to trade your time for income. While this is the common belief when it comes to being a practice employee or owning one, it is a bit of an outdated belief.

Now, thanks to technology it is even easier to have a practice and have other offerings besides talk therapy.

This allows your practice to now be versatile and offer a mental health experience that can cater to everyone that needs help with their mental health journey. This can also provide your practice another stream of income for paid offers. It can help to market your practice also when you are creating free offers to offer.

Here are some ideas of what other offerings are available for your practice to offer.


If there is a topic that you specialize in like anxiety, why not take all of the information you know about working through anxiety and put it into a simple to follow workshop. It will take time to create the workshop but once you have it completed you will be able to recycle the workshop over and over again.

These workshops can range in price from $27- up to $500. I have seen some mastermind workshops go up to $5000.

Mental Health Workbooks

Have you ever searched on Amazon for mental health workbooks? There are many available. Some of them have thousands of reviews. So it is no secret that mental health workbooks are useful and popular.

Often times you can even take a workshop and turn it into a workbook. Or you could have both to offer at a higher price. Workbooks range from $15-$40.

Guided Journal

Depending on what type of guided journal you would offer this can be a free product or a paid product. If you decide to offer it as an E-journal then it should be free to attract potential clients. If it is a printed journal then it should be a paid product. Sky's the limit when it comes to guided journals.

There are many topics that can make up a journal like a mindful journal or gratitude journal. Those are my two favorites. These journals can range in price from $10-$30 or free.

Virtual Group Therapy

The reason this one made the list is because most practices stay away from group therapy altogether. However since 2020 I have noticed a huge change with therapy and more acceptance of group therapy as people want to feel like they are not alone in their mental health journey.

Providing group therapy in a virtual setting makes group therapy more accessible. It also will provide another source of income for the practice. Most group therapy ranges in price from $30-100 per session.

Depending on the topic, how many people are involved and how long the sessions are. It is a great way to add additional therapy services to your practice.


Podcasts are not paid offerings however if you get enough of a following you can generate income hosting a podcast. If you have enough of a following then you can provide sponsorship packages to available sponsors and create revenue that way.

It is also a wonderful recourse that you would be able to offer to current and potential clients. A podcast is a great way to let your expertise shine and clients will feel confident in your skill set

Guided Meditation

Here is another free offer. However, just like podcasts you can eventually get sponsors for these guided meditations that you provide.

Run a search on Spotify for guided meditation you will find that some of them have an introduction that says who the sponsor for the meditation is. It's also another great recourse for current and potential clients


One thing I love more than anything is a good book to read. My go to topic to read about is furthering my education specifically in the mental health field. I just love learning more about mental health over and over again.

You can create an ebook from the material you have already used for a workshop or workbook. This can be a paid or free offer. It can also be combined with a workshop or workbook to add more value to a current offer.

There are so many different options to other offers your practice can provide. Start slow and pick what you are most passionate about.

Need Help?

If you need help deciding what to start with and how to start feel free to reach out and schedule a free 15 min consultation call. If you have a tool that is ready to be offered be sure to sign up for Your Mental Health Today directory.

Your Mental Health Today is a directory that offers virtual mental health tools and resources for complete mental health wellness. Click here to sign up

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