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5 Essentials that YOU need for your Private Practice!

Ever wonder if there is a product out there that could make your life easier and help you run your business smoothly? Here is a list of various products that I have put together that other therapists say makes their life so much easier.

1. Taking notes?- The number one complaint I hear from therapists is taking notes. They forget or dread doing it. They don't like wasting paper and then transferring notes over to the client's charts is like pulling teeth. Well, there is a better way. Rocketbook! With rocketbook you can take notes in the notebook, take a photo of the note, upload it into the cloud and then erase and reuse the notebook. You will save time, money and protect the environment. Below are links to make a purchase. (Don't worry I found the cheapest place to make the purchase.)

2. Planning and staying organized- For me personally staying organized is the best way to keep my stress level at ease. Having the right planner is the best way to make sure that happens. Here is a list of planners that therapists have found are most helpful.

Passion Planner- Dated Jan-Dec 2020, Goal Oriented Weekly Agenda and Reflection Journal, Small (A5-5.8 x 8.3 inches) Sunday Start Elite Black.

3. Learning Resources- All the time I hear therapists asking for Learning resources. It's great that so many therapists are so interested in continuing their mental health education. Here is a list of resources that I think are very helpful in the therapy world.

4. The right clock- For some people, a ticking clock may be a trigger, so it is no surprise that therapists look for a clock specifically that is silent. It is also important to have a small clock to hide it so that it isn't so obvious. Here is a list of perfect clocks for your office space.

  • Alarm Clock. Mensent 4 inch Round Silent Analog Alarm Clock Non-Ticking, with Night Light, Battery Powered Super Silent Alarm Clock, Simple Design Beside/Desk Alarm Clock

  • Driini Wooden Desk & Table Analog Clock Made of Genuine Pine (Dark) - Battery Operated with Precise Silent Sweep

  • Konigswerk Old Fashioned Desk Alarm Clock, Mantle Clocks Battery Operated for Living Room Kitchen Decor (Clock Tower)-

5. The perfect chair- It is really important to have a good chair in your office. The most obvious reason is well, you might be sitting in it a lot! Some of the below recommendations are very pricey but well worth it. I have also included some more affordable chairs and some trending new chair options.

I hope this list of essentials is helpful for you and your practice for many years to come!

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