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What Are The Benefits of Group Consulting?

Everyday is a new opportunity to grow, let us help you choose the right consulting group!

Group Consultation - Who is group consulting for?

By Melissa Tijerino

Let’s face it, being a private practice owner isn’t a walk in the park, although it can be highly rewarding, it can take a lot of strength to manage and grow it, but you’re not alone!

Group Consulting is an economical way to obtain consulting in a group setting. We have put together some pretty strategic group consulting sessions to help you with all things private practice. Some of the main topics we discuss are Process and Procedures for your practice to run smoothly, Marketing to your ideal client, and billing concerns and walkthroughs.

Clinical consultations are the most underutilized support for therapists. In fact, regularly seeking peer consultations is a part of every professional code of ethics for psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and social workers.

The environment of these group consulting sessions are very mindful and supportive. Being able to learn more so that you can grow your practice but also feel supported by other practice owners that are on the same journey as you is our main goal. We also make sure that the groups are interactive and challenging. Providing you with worksheets to work through practice changes and helpful blog posts that are packed with information.

If you are a practice owner that feels like you need some practice guidance or if you feel like you are stuck and are not sure what direction is best for your practice then group consulting may be a good fit for you.

Cost Effective

One on one consulting is super beneficial and I encourage my clients to engage in one on one consulting as well as group consulting. There are many benefits to both. If you feel you prefer one over the other that is fine also.

Typical one on one consulting ranges from $150-$300 per session, Group consulting is more affordable- ranging from $75-$150 per session. The price for one on one consulting is completely justifiable and if your budget allows you to have one on one consulting and group consulting then I say go for it.

If your budget does not align for both, group consulting may be the better option for you.

Relate to Other Therapists

It’s common for private practice therapists to struggle to find opportunities for social interactions with other professionals in the field.

Sometimes therapists even look at other therapists as competition. However we like to support each other in the group consulting sessions. Making it an experience to look forward to each week.

Another way to really connect within the group consulting sessions is to offer suggestions. Tell them about your experience and what worked for you. This doesn’t mean it will work for everyone but if just one person gets some type of benefit from your suggestions then it is worth it. I know anytime my feedback is able to help someone it gives me this feeling inside that makes me want to be able to share and help with others on a daily basis.

Invest in Yourself

You may not think right now that joining group consulting sessions is an investment in yourself but it really is. Oftentimes we know that we need improvement in a certain area but do not know where to start. Some might even say we tend to procrastinate. But if you are able to work on some of those areas that you know need improvement you will not only be making a major investment in practice but you will also be making an investment in yourself.

Putting the pressure on yourself to figure out how to make the change needed can be stressful. And how would you know for sure that the direction you decide to go in is the right direction if you are doing it all on your own.

Imagine how you feel once you have a new change laid out and in action. It is such a beautiful thing to see all of your hard work come to life. You feel like you are not stressed out and you know you are headed in the right direction because you felt supported in the decision and you can see the pieces fall into place. This feeling will then reflect on how you feel as a practice owner and a leader. So yes it really is an investment in yourself.

Build Referral Sources

Other practice owners can be a great referral source for your practice. Again it is not a competition all practice owners have the same goal in mind. To help as many people as possible to become mentally healthy. But not one person can do it all. For example most practices have a strategic specialty. If someone calls and says they are looking for a therapist that helps with trauma using EMDR therapy and you are a therapist that does not specialize in that area it will be a good idea to refer that client out to a practice that can help them.

Building those relationships early on and knowing when to refer clients is a strategic part of making a practice successful.

Knowing who too refer may be a challenge. However when in a group consulting session you will get to know the other therapist and come to the conclusion of who you would like to reach out to and build those crucial referral relationships. Even if you do not get a ton of referrals back you are at least confident in your ability to lead someone that may not be a good fit for you to someone who is.

Choosing the Right Consulting Group

It’s very important to remember that we have to be one step ahead of our own mental health game as we have clients who look up to us for consultation and advice, your mental health and welfare are just as important as your clients’. After all, you’re only human!

If you’re interested in finding a consultation group, we’re here to help!

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