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Top 5 Reasons Therapists Choose to Seek Consulting

Group practice, solo practice, or looking to start a practice. No matter what stage you are in at this time seeking a consultant to help your practice thrive is a no-brainer. I remember when I first started my business, I somehow fooled myself to think I had all of the answers. Long story short, I did not. Don’t get me wrong, I grew my business and did very well. However if I would have had a business consultant from the start, this process would have gone much smoother in a shorter period of time. I would have made more money and have been able to help many more therapists grow their practices sooner. I always like to share my experience so that others can gain wisdom from my situation. Here are the top 5 reasons my clients come to me for consulting.

1. Process and procedures- Why aren't the calls converting? Why did that patient not get discharged correctly? How come the therapists in my group practice are not all on the same page? Why did that client get scheduled wrong? Oftentimes, if these questions arise, either there aren’t any processes or procedures that are put into place, or the ones that are there need serious revisions. When procedures are put into place for everyone to follow it makes it easier for things to run smoothly. But, this doesn't mean everything will be perfect. When issues come up, take those opportunities to learn and revise. Creating and implementing these at first may seem overwhelming, so start slow and analyze often.

2. Overcoming challenges in the practice- Sometimes you put together a strategic plan for something and it just doesn't go the way you planned. It can be hard to take a step back and correct your plan. Oftentimes it even takes someone else stepping in to analyze and come up with solutions before the issue is resolved. It is okay to come to the conclusion that someone else (a consultant) may be able to offer guidance that will put you back on the right track.

3. Major practice changes- Change is scary, especially if it all falls on your shoulders. I remember when I spoke to my business consultant about making major changes with my company. I was so scared that I was crazy to think my ideas for change were worthwhile. My business consultant was brutally honest so I knew once I talked with her about it I would either have the confidence to make the changes or she would help me to perfect my vision. Having her guidance through these changes made me feel supported and helped me to stay motivated through the whole long journey.

4. Starting a practice or transitioning to a group practice- Starting a practice or making a major practice transition like moving toward a group practice is very complex. There are many steps to take and doing it all on your own may cause you to become overwhelmed. You may even think that all of the work isn't worth it. Having a consultant will help with these goals, can keep you on track and lead you down the right path to success.

5. Creating the perfect practice for success- Not all practices are the same and they don't need to be. When I work with clients I strive to help them create a practice that works best for them. There are many things to take into consideration. You may even find that making changes internally that you didn't plan on making are what is best for you and your practice. I am sure you have an idea of what a dream practice is for you. As long as you are realistic you can work towards the dream practice goals one step at a time.

There are many things to consider when making the decision to have a practice consultant. I have a few guides that may be useful to check out before making a decision. Feel free to book a free 15 consult call to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

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