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How to Name your Private Practice

Finding the perfect name for your private practice can be both stressful and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! I have put together a list that will hopefully help make the process a little bit easier for you.

  1. Specialty- What is your specialty? Try to think of some phrases that represent your specialty. For example, if you specialize in women's issues then maybe a name like Loving Care therapy services suits your practice. The list goes on of all of the possibilities. If your specialty is neutral then your practice name should be too.

  2. Your name- Many therapists take the route of naming their practice after themselves. Most therapists agree that this is one of the ways they can name their practice and guarantee the authenticity of their practice name. It also helps if you have a unique name that sticks in people's heads.

  3. Make it local- A really good idea is to take a body of water, a historical park, a unique street name or a city landmark and incorporate it in your name. An example would be peace creek counseling services. The name seems familiar because it is a known body of water and it incorporates the town where your potential client most likely lives.

  4. Wordplay- Take a favorite quote or poem and incorporate that into your name. An example would be Another day therapy services. You can also add the quote that you pulled the name from onto marketing material and in a decorative way in your office space.

  5. Mission- Think about the mission or purpose you are going for. If it is your purpose to truly heal someone's soul then make a name that represents that. For instance Soul healing counseling services. You can make this name as unique as possible.

  6. Tribute- There is nothing better than creating a private practice and making the name a tribute to someone you love. A great name for a practice to show tribute to a loved one would be Eva's Grace therapy services. You can take any relative's name and add grace, peace, or love to the end of it and come up with a beautiful name.

  7. Make it personal- Maybe you became a therapist because someone in your life was going through something and it inspired you. Or maybe you faced your own struggle and that is where your inspiration came from. Or say you have a hobby that is mental health related. Take your own personal experiences or mental health passions and create a name like, Ever Growing counseling services. This is also a great way to speak to your potential client before they even walk in the door.

Always remember that in addition to naming your private practice you are going to have to brand it as well. You will need to create a logo, a website and a color scheme that will go hand in hand with your practice name. Whatever name you pick for your private practice, make sure that it suits your personality and you have a brand that you can build around it. The name of your private practice is going to be what your future is built upon.

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