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5 Tips to Harness the Power of Telehealth to Excel your Practice Growth!

We know it’s been hard, but there’s a shift here to stay!

What’s Changed?

by Melissa Tijerino

We totally understand these past few years have been hard for healthcare providers, therapists included! You’ve been faced with challenges you probably weren’t prepared for

But in the midst of all the chaos and great difficulties, a quiet transformation arises! One that forever changes how we operate

Before COVID-19, only 39% of therapists used telehealth to provide treatment, in-person sessions were the norm

However, people still needed treatment during this time, right? Probably more than ever. Fast forward to today, over 90% of therapists have harnessed the power of phone, text and telehealth sessions, they have actually become a new standard in delivering treatment to clients

It looks like this new shift is here to stay, therapists are using this new style of treatment to better serve clients and propel practice growth