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5 Tips to Harness the Power of Telehealth to Excel your Practice Growth!

We know it’s been hard, but there’s a shift here to stay!

What’s Changed?

by Melissa Tijerino

We totally understand these past few years have been hard for healthcare providers, therapists included! You’ve been faced with challenges you probably weren’t prepared for

But in the midst of all the chaos and great difficulties, a quiet transformation arises! One that forever changes how we operate

Before COVID-19, only 39% of therapists used telehealth to provide treatment, in-person sessions were the norm

However, people still needed treatment during this time, right? Probably more than ever. Fast forward to today, over 90% of therapists have harnessed the power of phone, text and telehealth sessions, they have actually become a new standard in delivering treatment to clients

It looks like this new shift is here to stay, therapists are using this new style of treatment to better serve clients and propel practice growth

If you’ve been thinking about integrating Telehealth into your practice but haven’t taken that leap yet, let’s take a look at 5 ways to get you there

Client Intake is now a Breeze!

Listen, no one likes filling out paperwork anyways. Having your clients complete all their forms prior to their session via email is like a win-win for both of you! This technology simply means the same documents will be completed and processed safely, but easier!

This convenience means your clients will always have their forms completed ahead of time, on their own time!

This will give your clients a sense of relief knowing that your practice has flexibility, rather than them dreading that in-practice delay

By removing the paper forms and workflows, your work life becomes more simpler and more efficient, creating a space for you to sit back, relax, give more attention to the needs of your clients and focus on other ways to expand your practice

Upgrade your Rates

When switching over completely or adding Telehealth medicine to your practice, this of course, could come with a price change.

Therapists will usually go back and forth between 3 options, which include:

  • Maintain your rates - When you are fresh into the new digital space, maintaining your rates can help walk your current clients from in-person sessions to a virtual space, comfortably.

  • Lower your rates - Yes, we said it. It’s also a very considerable option! If you fully dive into this new digital practice of yours, the drop in utilities, rent, and certain insurances will enable you to cut your rates without losing profits

  • Increase your rates - Okay, stay with us! For most therapists, this will be a switch in approach. This step will allow a rethink of how this will forever transform your practice and profits. When you are providing digital care, your social media and marketing presence should become a priority. By targeting your website and social media to your ideal clients, this can explode your practice growth. So what does that mean? This means when your practice is thriving, it’s time to increase those rates!

HIPAA Compliant Platforms

If you haven’t already, go ahead and read our blog titled ”The Top 4 HIPAA-Compliant Teletherapy Platforms”

As you know, security and privacy for your clients are not only ethically essential, it’s legally required too. Until the right protections are in place, telemedicine should remain a goal, rather than an actuality.

Luckily, meeting these stringent rules can be simple.

Home Office Needs

Like any office, you need to present yourself and your business professionally. What your client can see behind and around you should show professionalism, knowledge, and integrity

Keep your surroundings while on video with a client clean, relevant and uncluttered, just as you would your in-person office space!

We can’t forget to mention YOUR needs as well, your comfortability matters just as much.

We recommend having a comfortable, supportive, and clean designed desk and chair that will support your newfound approach. Making sure this is a priority will help reduce any aches and pains. You will also need a great computer with amazing internet connectivity with sufficient power and speeds

Maintaining quality connection with your clients is key!

Confirm Insurance Coverage

Covid-19 has significantly shifted the way insurance providers view Telehealth. This has opened a new profitable world to a lot of therapists, but never assume they all cover this service

Speak to your insurance providers about whether updates are needed or not.

Knowing that you are protected and understanding the level of coverage your current and potential clients will receive allows you to rest and focus your mind. You can now craft your message and step into the telemedicine world

How We can Help!

Let us help you grow your Virtual Business online!

At Growing Your Private Practice Virtually, we help therapists such as yourself succeed in these areas that you might not have time to focus all your time and attention on.

We acknowledge that all businesses are different, we specialize in making sure we come up with the right plan that is customized for your practice so that you have maximum results!

Schedule a call with me today!

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